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Ever since MACS was officially launched on 21 Janauary 2010, after a trial period that commenced on 8 December 2009, there has been widespread interest in the concept. A Management Committee was formed on 13th December 2009 at a meeting attended by members of the community.

National Emergency Warning System

'Emergency Alert'was launched on 2 December 2009. It is only to be used for major life-threatening emergencies. You can read the full media release of the announcement by the NSW Emergency Services Minister, Steve Whan, here.

The objective of MACS is to supplement and support other alert systems locally, including Emergency Alert.

NSW RFS has launched an iPhone Alert App.

Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan announced that NSW RFS launched an official RFS iPhone™ application designed to alert people to bush fire activity in NSW. The ‘Fires near Me’ app is available free of charge. More details here.

EWN Apps for iPhone and Android

These powerful apps are available and operate based on your actual geo-physical location as determined by your phone and assuming it has this facility.

Main Features

  • Receive EWN warnings based on your physical location
  • View detailed alerts and warning maps
  • Warnings include all severe weather events, bushfires, tsunami and other events selected by the user
  • Share warnings through your SMS and email contact lists, Facebook and Twitter
  • Upload and share geo-tagged images and video to the EWN Alerts map, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Hit the Help Me button to instantly alert specific contacts with your location and contact details in case of emergency, stress or requirement for assistance

There is more information about both these apps on the EWN website here.

Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry

The Early Warning Network's submission to the Queensland Floods Commision of Inquiry is available here.

Lake Macquarie Submission to Senate Inquiry

Lake Macquarie City Council's Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the capacity of communication networks and emergency warning systems to deal with emergencies and natural disasters is available here.

Interest in MACS

Buchan Neighbourhood House in Gippsland, Victoria, is working towards implementing a MACS-type communication system. They have an established 'telephone tree' but have found it too slow and cumbersome to manage in practice. They have now established their own community website.

Lake Macquarie Council has expressed interest in the MACS concept. As part of Lake Macquarie Council's Sustainable Neighbourhoods program with comunity groups, they will be looking at ways in which the MACS concept can be of assistance, especially in 'at risk' areas.

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