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Alerts are that are sent to MACS subscribers by SMS and/or email may also be posted on the MACS blog, depending on their nature.

You can subscribe to receive an immediate email notification of individual posts as they occur simply by entering your email address in Subscribe2 at the top right hand side of the MACS Alerts blog. If your are a MACS member, your request will be approved but there may be a short delay.

To subscribe to receive MACS alerts posted on the MACS blog by RSS feed as they occuror daily or email summaries of any new posts that were posted during the previous day, please click on the links below:

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Please check the Links page for additional sources of information about the weather and bushfire activities. There is also a handy list of phone numbers here and a flyer (A5) about MACS here.

Welcome to the Mangrove Alerts Community System ("MACS")

Early stage of Peats Ridge fire


This photograph was taken in the early stages of the Peats Ridge fire, early in the afternoon of Saturday, 7 February 2009.

The response to MACS has exceeded expectations. Our thanks to those who have already subscribed for your encouraging support.

Our thanks also to the Central Coast Plateau Chamber of Commerce and the Mangrove Mountain RSL Sub-Branch for financial support.

The aim of the MACS is to provide a communication system to alert members of the community in the Mangrove Mountain area and surrounding localities quickly to incidents that may affect them, such as severe storms, bushfires, road accidents and delays or any other threat.

For a definition of 'severe thunderstorms', please refer to this page on the Bureau of Meteorology's website.

An indication of what we mean by the 'Mangrove Mountain area' is shown here. As you can see, it covers a large part of the hinterland of the Central Coast.

The system is geospatial and based on location and messages can be sent by:

SMS to mobile phones
Text-to-Voice to landline phones

Some alert information is also posted on the MACS Alerts Blog.

MACS subscribers are encouraged to provide information about incidents that they believe may be helpful and, if distributed to members, this information will be marked “Informal”. If considered appropriate, the information will be passed on to the relevant authority.

MACS is provided by volunteers and there is no guarantee, implied or otherwise, that the information is correct or will always be available. Subscribers should make their own assessment and seek information from other sources. In general, however, the intention is to provide an alert that there may be incidents that should be monitored, and provide progress updates.

In your own interests, we urge you to subscribe to this community service.

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