Mangrove Alerts Community Service

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As the system is administered by volunteers, there may be a delay in replying to enquiries but we will do our best to answer any questions you may have. Any suggestions for improving the service are welcome.

During an identified threatening incident in the area, duty volunteers will be available to monitor progress and issue updates as a priority.

For general enquiries, the preferred method is by email to: 

You can also contact us by phone (or send an SMS):

Phone: 4373 1014

Mobile: 0438 675 070

These numbers (or email) should also be used to provide information on an incident, and we suggest you keep a note of them with you and, where applicable, add them to your mobile phone contacts.

Any mail should be addressed to:

6 Waratah Road
Mangrove Mountain NSW 2250

RFS Volunters in action

Photo: Anna Pillich

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